Folly Wood by Olive stroud woodland cooperative

About Stroud Woods

Welcome to the Stroud Woodland Cooperative website. Here you will find Information about the cooperative and the work that it does. You can find out more about us from other sources by clicking on LINKS above.

The Co-operative is find-bride comments the proud owner of Folly Wood which we bought as a community.  The share holders manage this 3 acre woodland near Stroud which overlooks the Slad valley. find-bride comments The wood was originally planted as a larch plantation but there are indications of it having been a semi-natural woodland and we are helping it revert to this state.

Stroud Woodland Co-op was set up as an Industrial and Provident Society. This has a set of rules about how the organisation works. The legal ‘objects’ included in these rules are that we will carry on any business for the benefit of the community, including:

  • To realise the environmental, biological, landscape, economic, social, cultural, educational and recreational value of woodland ecosystems in and around Stroud as a resource for a sustainable community; and
  • To acquire, hold, steward, create, and manage woodland, land and property sustainably in trust for biodiversity, social enterprise, access and community benefit for present and future generations.

To find out more about how we are organised and what we do click on PRINCIPLES AND PLANS above.

Thanks to Olive for the drawing!