Nature Notes


A survey in June 2022 revealed a handful of noctules, numerous common pipistrelles, and (heard but not seen) a serotine and a soprano pipistrelle.

Wildflowers and flowering shrubs/trees

In 2016 former member John Rees compiled a list of trees, shrubs, plants and grasses that grow in Folly Wood.

During 2022 members will be doing monthly surveys of the flowering plants and trees that feature in the wood.


Hawthorn, wayfaring tree, germander speedwell, ground-ivy, dandelion, buttercup, herb robert, jack-by-the-hedge, spurge-laurel, cow parsley, dog’s mercury, sanicle, sweet woodruff, dog violet, cranesbill (small pink flower), wild strawberry, grape hyacinth, wood anemone.


Hawthorn, whitebeam, bird’s nest orchid, germander speedwell, bird’s foot trefoil, black bryony, black medick, bladder campion, buttercup (bulbous and meadow), cleavers, red clover, common cat’s ear, cow parsley, creeping thistle, dock, dog rose, garlic mustard, goat’s beard and lesser goat’s beard, ground ivy, herb robert, rock rose, salad burnet, sanicle, sweet woodruff, common vetch, wood avens, wood cranesbill.


Bramble, elder, wild privet, bird’s foot trefoil, black medick, buttercup, red clover, white clover, enchanter’s nightshade, hedge woundwort, herb bennet, herb robert, hogweed, lady’s bedstraw, nipplewort, pyramidal orchid, rock rose, field rose, dog rose, rough chervil, wood cranesbill (pink).


Bramble, old man’s beard (clematis vitalba), bird’s foot trefoil, common ragwort, enchanter’s nightshade, field scabious, herb robert, hogweed, horseshoe vetch, knapweed, dead-nettle, caraway, ploughman’s spikenard.