Co-op Documents

Guidelines for Events in the Woods

For general guidelines on making bookings in Folly Wood, please see here.

Camping Guidelines

Camping guidelines for Folly Wood are available here: Camping-guidelines-for-Folly-Wood (opens new tab)

Map of the Wood

The first draft of a map of Folly Wood, made by tracing an OS map, was compiled in 2023 by Tom Sykes and Nigel Westaway. There are two versions, either with Tom’s annotations, or without.

Risk Assessments

Four different pre-prepared risk assessment forms have been tailored to particular types of activity: wood management events (eg. workdays), large and small group bookings (arranged by individual members), and co-op events (eg. AGM, solstice celebrations etc). Please download the one relevant to your event, fill it in, and email it to the Folly Wood secretary: The risk assessments serve two functions: as a place to note and record any safety risks associated with members’ events, and to highlight any existing risks that might be worth bearing in mind for your event. 

Risk assessment for wood management

Risk assessment for large group bookings

Risk assessment for small group bookings

Risk assessment for co-op events

Minutes of Past Meetings