About Folly Wood

Folly Wood is a 3 acre woodland on the west side of the Slad Valley, north of Stroud, Gloucestershire.

There are indications of the woodland having been semi-natural, but larch was heavily planted in the mid 20th century. The Co-op has a management plan to help the wood revert to its more natural state. There are approximately 30 trees, 75 herbaceous plants and 20 grasses in the woodland – see images and table below.

The woodland is bordered by private farmland. The land is sloped throughout due to both the natural gradient and old quarry sites. However there is an open, flat area near the top with a fire circle and compost toilet.

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Location of Folly Wood, in the Slad Valley, north of Stroud.
Folly Wood Trees
Folly Wood Plants
Folly Wood Grasses

Folly Wood Tree and Plant List

Search using the search box or sort by clicking on the column headers. Information compiled by John Rees, 2016.
Plant TypeCommon NameLatin NameNotes
Tree / Woody PlantAshFraxinus excelsior
Tree / Woody PlantBeechFagus sylvatica
Tree / Woody PlantBlackthorn (sloe)Prunus spinosarose
Tree / Woody PlantBrambleRubus fruticosusrose
Tree / Woody PlantBuckthornRhamnus catharticus(found in lane not wood)
Tree / Woody PlantBuddleiaBuddleia davidii(found in lane not wood) Non-native
Tree / Woody PlantCherry (wild)Prunus aviumrose
Tree / Woody PlantDogwoodCornus sanguinea(found in lane not wood)
Tree / Woody PlantElderSambucus nigra
Tree / Woody PlantElm (Wych)Ulmus glabra
Tree / Woody PlantField mapleAcer campestre
Tree / Woody PlantHawthornCrataegus monogynarose
Tree / Woody PlantHazelCorylus avellana
Tree / Woody PlantHollyIlex aquifolium
Tree / Woody PlantHoneysuckleLonicera periclymenum
Tree / Woody PlantIvyHedera helix
Tree / Woody PlantLarchLarix deciduaNon-native
Tree / Woody PlantOak (common)Quercus robur
Tree / Woody PlantOak (Holm or Evergreen)Quercus ilexNon-native
Tree / Woody PlantOak (Turkey)Quercus cerrisNon-native
Tree / Woody PlantPrivet (garden)Ligustrum ovalifoliumNon-native
Tree / Woody PlantPrivet (wild)Ligustrum vulgare
Tree / Woody PlantSpurge-laurelDaphne laureola
Tree / Woody PlantSycamoreAcer pseudoplatanusNon-native
Tree / Woody PlantTraveller's joy/Old man's beardClematis vitalba
Tree / Woody PlantWayfaring treeViburnum lantana
Tree / Woody PlantWhitebeamSorbus aria
Tree / Woody PlantWoody nightshade/BittersweetSolanum dulcamarapotato
Tree / Woody PlantYewTaxus baccata
Herbaceous plantBeaked hawk's-beardCrepis vesicariaNon-native
Herbaceous plantBird's nest orchidNeottia nidus-avisorchid
Herbaceous plantBird's-eye or Germander speedwellVeronica chamaedrys
Herbaceous plantBird's-foot trefoilLotus corniculatuspea
Herbaceous plantBlack bryonyTamus communis
Herbaceous plantBlack medickMedicago lupulinapea (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantBladder campionSilene vulgaris
Herbaceous plantBroad buckler-fernDryopteris dilatatafern
Herbaceous plantBroad-leaved willowherbEpilobium montanumwillow-herb
Herbaceous plantBurnet-saxifragePimpinella saxifragaumbellifer (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantButtercup (bulbous)Ranunculus bulbosus(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantButtercup (meadow)Ranunculus acris(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantCleaversGalium aparinebedstraw
Herbaceous plantClover (red)Trifolium pratensepea
Herbaceous plantClover (white)Trifolium repenspea
Herbaceous plantColumbine - probable escape hereAquilegia vulgaris(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantCommon cat's earHypochoeris radicatadaisy (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantCommon ragwortSenecio jacobaeadaisy
Herbaceous plantCow parsleyAnthriscus sylvestrisumbellifer
Herbaceous plantCreeping thistleCirsium arvensedaisy (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantDandelionTaraxacum officinaledaisy
Herbaceous plantDock (broad-leaved)Rumex obtusifolius
Herbaceous plantDock (curled)Rumex crispus
Herbaceous plantDog's mercuryMercurialis perennis
Herbaceous plantEnchanter's nightshadeCircaea lutetianawillow-herb
Herbaceous plantField scabiousKnautia arvensis
Herbaceous plantForget-me-not (common)Myosotis arvensis
Herbaceous plantGarlic mustardAlliaria petiolatacabbage
Herbaceous plantGlaucous sedgeCarex flacca(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantGromwellLithospermum officinale(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantGround-ivyGlechoma hederaceadead-nettle (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantHawkweedHieracium sp.daisy (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantHedge bedstrawGalium albumbedstraw (foind in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantHedge woundwortStachys sylvaticadead-nettle
Herbaceous plantHedge-mustardSisymbrium officinale(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantHerb RobertGeranium robertianum
Herbaceous plantHogweedHeracleum sphondyliumumbellifer
Herbaceous plantHorse-shoe vetchHippocrepis comosapea
Herbaceous plantKnapweed (greater)Centaurea scabiosadaisy
Herbaceous plantKnapweed (lesser)Centaurea nigradaisy
Herbaceous plantLady's bedstrawGalium verumbedstraw
Herbaceous plantLords and ladiesArum maculatum
Herbaceous plantMale fernDryopteris filix-masfern
Herbaceous plantMarjoram (oregano)Origanum vulgaredead-nettle
Herbaceous plantMeadow vetchlingLathyrus pratensispea (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantMouse-ear chickweed (clustered)Cerastium glomeratum(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantMouse-ear chickweed (common)Cerastium fontanum(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantNipplewortLapsana communisdaisy
Herbaceous plantPyramidal orchidAnacamptis pyramidalisorchid
Herbaceous plantRestharrowOnonis repenspea
Herbaceous plantRibwort plantainPlantago lanceolata
Herbaceous plantRock-roseHelianthemum nummulariumrose
Herbaceous plantRough chervilChaerophyllum temulentumumbellifer (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantSalad burnetPoterium sanguisorbarose
Herbaceous plantSanicleSanicula europaeaumbellifer
Herbaceous plantSelf-healPrunella vulgarisdead-nettle (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantSoft shield-fernPolystichum setiferumfern
Herbaceous plantSowthistle (prickly)Sonchus asperdaisy (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantSowthistle (smooth)Sonchus oleraceusdaisy (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantSpiked sedgeCarex divulsa divulsa
Herbaceous plantSt John's wort (common)Hypericum perforatum(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantSt John's wort (hairy)Hypericum hirsutum(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantSweet woodruffGalium odoratumbedstraw
Herbaceous plantThree-veined sandwortMoehringia trinervis
Herbaceous plantThyme-leaved sandwortArenaria serpyllifolia(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantTrefoil (hop)Trifolium campestrepea (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantTrefoil (lesser yellow)Trifolium dubiumpea (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantVetch (bush)Vicia sepiumpea (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantVetch (common)Vicia sativapea (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantViolet (Dog)Viola reichenbachiana
Herbaceous plantViolet (sweet)Viola odorata
Herbaceous plantWall lettuceMycelis muralisdaisy
Herbaceous plantWhite campionSilene latifolia(found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantWhite helleborineCephalanthera damasoniumorchid
Herbaceous plantWild carrotDaucus carotaumbellifer (found in lane not wood)
Herbaceous plantWood avensGeum urbanumrose
GrassBarren bromeAnisantha sterilis(found in lane not wood)
GrassBearded couch-grassElymus caninum
GrassCocksfootDactylis glomerata
GrassFalse oat-grassArrhenatherum elatior
GrassGiant fescueSchedonorus gigantea
GrassMeadow oat-grassAvenula pratensis
GrassPerennial rye-grassLolium perenne
GrassQuaking grassBriza media(found in lane not wood)
GrassRed fescueFestuca rubra
GrassRough-stalked meadow-grassPoa trivialis
GrassSlender false-bromeBrachypodium sylvaticum
GrassTimothy grassPhleum pratense(found in lane not wood)
GrassTor-grassBrachypodium pinnatum
GrassTufted hair-grassDeschampsia cespitosa
GrassUpright bromeBromopsis erecta
GrassWood melick-grassMelica uniflora
GrassWood millet-grassMilium effusum
GrassYellow oat-grassTrisetum flavescens
GrassYorkshire fogHolcus lanatus